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Black Beauty
Built on the Digger Chassis this little wagon sports the pneumatic upgraded wheels and custom chrome decals and edge trim
Chrysler Quest
Dropped shipped from I built a chassis, and steering for this stroller and customer finished the rest.
My brother in-law has this wagon 25 years ago for paper delivery. We retrieved it from the attic and built it to match his 77 Chevy Shortbox pickup. Now his son enjoys it.
Enzo's Ride
Built this Speedway Motors 55 Chevy with new frame with lower stance and upgraded upholstery Shipped to Florida
The Gasser prototype that later became the Hamm's Hauler. Its for sale! Check out
Vintage Trike I built for a friend. Custom rear fenders by Gribbuilt
Presleys Wagon
My eldest daughters wagon reborn with new Digger Chassis and custom wheels.
Wagon Delight
The very first Digger Chassis Prototype in testing mode.
Crowd Pleaser
The Blower Stroller based off a 4-71 Super Charger Case. Testing a 3K walk fully loaded!
The Master
My youngest son in his Vintage Taylor Tot. Powdercoated and custom upholstry by Little Slims Trim Shop
Purple Rain
Vintage Taylor Tot Stroller
Removeable steering
My 1st rear steering system utilizing the exhaust tips already on the car make for easy removal for hauling. The pins are 1940 Ford King Pins
The Speedway Special
Speedway motors has a great selection of pedal cars to choose from. This one came in bare metal form and the steering and pedal assembly still work. The steering wheel and knock-offs are chopper bicycle accessories.
Maddies' Roadster
The roadster is a kit from I cut off the front axle system it came with, removed all the pedal assembly and fabricated the seat pan and floor which was covered by Lil' Slims Trim Shop.
55 Chevy Steering
The steering on the 55 worked great. The handle would move side to side to direct the car. It was user friendly, sharp and smooth
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